by Brünhilde

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This album was supposed to be longer but my 36-year-old DX7 stopped working after I only got 4 tracks done. Luckily they're all super long.


released May 30, 2018

Vocals, Yamaha DX7, drum emulators, drums, samples, bass, guitar, mandolin, Seagram's ginger ale, production - Biddy Fox


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Possum Possum Possum Records New York

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Track Name: 1:00
It's one in the morning and you feel like death
Oh my, my man well come take a breath
Got a movie in one hand something else in the other
Mother, sister, father, son, daughter little brother
Drink a Diet Coke and shun the pepsi
Look out the window and smell the DMT
Mist resonates from the midnight ground
On a night like this chaos is found
How do you feel, do you feel so high
Is your brain whirling, feel like you're the sky
Ends like a wheel, and it ends too fast
And the person you run over is now in a cast
Feel like you can do what you want
And you won't come down for yet another month
just goes to show yknow
When you feel so so-and-so
In winter you miss summer
And in autumn you miss your Hummer
And I feel so very alive
And I feel like I might die
Do you feel like I do?
Track Name: Starbase
Set me free
Leave me be
There's nothing to leave
There's so much to see
I'm not you
What you say ain't true
And I'm waiting for you
To leave me, too

That's so much like you
That's why I love you too
Track Name: The Black H●le
A routine trip they said
God, were they wrong
Something's happening
Was it destined for long
Anyone else know
What the fuck is going on?
The computer's on the fritz
The engineers just hum along

Something out in space
Staring us in the face
Everyone amazed
We can't get away

Just lie here and wait
The black hole's here to stay
Track Name: The Jungle
I saw the corpse of a jaguar
I thought "who could have killed this creature"
Then I saw the subtle, purposeful movement
Crawling were ants in its fur

I can hear the rain falling far away
It's coming slowly closer now
When the rain approaches
I'll be wet to the bone I know

The horrors of the jungle await me
I must get out of this place
Can only see, say, five feet, then green
What's beyond is hard to say

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